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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey.... Remember Me?

Ok, you know its been a long time since I last blogged when I can't remember the blog address or my password.... Now that I have that straightened away I don't remember what I was going to blog about, lol.
Lots of things have been happening since my last posting in April.... to say that business is booming is an understatement.... I started a blog as a fun way to let readers know about the story behind each item I was creating.... now I barely have time to share photos of the completed projects let alone blog about each one. So I am going to attempt to blog biweekly and let you know what is going on in my corner of the world.

Christmas orders are coming in daily and I am really trying to keep up. Earlier in the year I was able to complete orders in a week or so, now I am working on orders 3 or 4 weeks behind (quilts are 6 to 8 weeks)!! I can't believe it, it is exciting and busy all at the same time but I am very greatful for all that has come my way this year.
I have had some new product ideas that I would like to share with you.
This is the new curvy coin purse, it has a loop and a key ring to attach it to your keys, its great for quick trips to the gym, the mall, the grocery store, mailbox, etc.
This is the gadget case, it also has a loop, but with a lobster clip so that it can be clipped to a backpack, purse or key ring. It is interfaced for stiffness and protection and has a zipper closure on it. Its great for blackberrys, iphones, cell phones, GPS units, cameras etc.

This is an eyeglasses case. For some reason I can not rotate the pic (sorry), it is great for eye glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses. It has a very stiff interfacing to give it shape and a magnetic closure to keep those glasses in place.
This is the mini wallet, it is just large enough to hold a few cards, some money and even business cards. It also comes with a key ring to attach it to your keys.
This is the "joanne mini" purse. It is a smaller version of the "Joanne Bag" that I offer. It is a cute size for an evening out or even for a little girls first purse.

I will be participating in 3 shows this fall, the shows are listed on my website and facebook page with more info. I participated in my first show this past Septemeber called "Bella Noche", it was a lot of fun and a great sucess for all involved which encouraged me to sign on for 3 more shows this fall. I have been creating many many items for these shows and can't wait to showcase them.


  1. Love it Christine, You need to keep blogging. I love looking at your stuff, you are so talented!!

  2. These are really lovely products. Beautiful items and great fabric and colours..