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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am in love!!

I have fallen in love again, lol. This week I purchased a new sewing machine. Since business has been getting busier and busier, I thought that I would upgrade from my first real sewing machine. I started this business 4 years ago with a hand me down machine from my Grandmother. I was pregnant with my Son at the time and I truely believe that the urge to sew a quilt was some sort of nesting that was going on. I began making quilts for anyone I knew that was having a baby. Pretty soon I had people telling me that the quilts were great and that they really loved having something handmade for their little ones. Years later I was still using the same machine to make everything from quilts to crib bedding to crayon rolls and clothing. It was a great little machine, but it was time to upgrade. This past week I was introduced to the world of computerized sewing!! What a big difference in the time and ease of sewing. Here is what the new machine looks like:

It is also capable of embroidery which is very exciting to me as now I don`t have to send my items out to be done. For the Client, this means less waiting and the same professional look. I took a few moments and tried out the embroidery function, I still have some reading to do to learn more about placement, but here is what my trial looked like:

In other news, I am working on some Valentine`s table runners. I just love the fabrics that are available for Valentine`s day. I have posted some photos below. I will be ordering some more valentine`s fabrics as well as some cute fabrics for spring for the table runners, so stay tuned as there will be a limited amount available each season.

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