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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come On Summer!!

Is anyone else getting sick of winter? I have had enough of the cold, the snow, the having to bundle up 2 kids every time we leave the house, come on summer!!

I am thinking of warmer weather and one of our favorite summer activities...going to the beach. Our family loves the beach, the kids love the 3 "S's", Sun, Sand and Swimming!!! so I was inspired to add a new product to my expanding lineup... hooded beach towels (also great for the bath, but I am thinking summer remember). As always, the first ones usually go to my kids or my friends kids... so here is one for my little dude, complete with name embroidery!!

This towel measures 30" by 54" with a hood attached. This size is great for kids up to age 5 (and maybe older depending on their size). The hood is embroidered with the underside hidden so that it is not scratching the child's head when its worn. The hood is also trimmed in a cute blue and lime green fabric and stitched with a fun decorative stitch.

My cute little model, fits perfect with lots of room to grow.... now all we need is some sun and sand!!! Come on Summer....

These towels will be available on my website shortly and I am offering free embroidery for a limited time. The towels come in lots of great colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, brown, black. Lots of fabrics to chose from!!

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