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Monday, February 22, 2010

My busy weekend!!

Here is what I was up to this weekend. This cute fabric arrived on Friday and was already reserved for a custom order hooded baby towel and car seat canopy.

These hooded towels are my new favorite baby gift idea. Two of my friends and my daughter have already benefited from this cute little idea. When I originally started to make these I thought that they would be the perfect size for a baby and well into toddlerhood. Well maybe its just me and my oddly tall children, but this size of towel was no good for my 3 1/2 year old!! (they will be better suited to the age of 2). So I put my creative skills to the test and I will soon be offering larger hooded towels for "big kids", I would say 2 years and up. I have purchased the supplies and just need to find the time to whip up two of them (one for each kid of course). With my new sewing machine, I am very excited to be offering free personalization on all of the towels!!

This one is going to be a gift for my Clients Neice, she is not aware of the baby's gender, so this cute little animal print will be perfect!!

This car seat canopy is also a gift for my Clients Neice, I can just imagine how cute these 2 items will be all wrapped up for a shower gift. It had been a little while since I made a car seat canopy, so I made sure I took some extra time to review my notes and make this one perfect. I love sewing but I also love being able to create the embelishments on the tabs, here I used 2 coordinating ribbons (which reminded me of the spots on some of the little animals in this fabric) and 2 lion head buttons in keeping with the animal theme. The whole cover is trimmed with a cute little decorative stitch.
I wish I had been making these covers when I had my kids, I was that lady in the Walmart parking lot scooping a blanket out of the snow and slush after it blew off of my car seat. My daughter was born in the late fall, so she needed something like this to keep the wind out of her face, the blanket just didn't cut it!!

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